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Overcoming Common Interview Challenges: Addressing Nerves and Handling Tough Questions

Addressing nerves and handling tough questions are part of the interview process. Virtually every job seeker has to deal with overcoming these common interview challenges.

Properly preparing for your interview and maintaining a positive mindset can help you demonstrate confidence and professionalism during an interview. You can focus on clearly and concisely answering the questions and learning more about the organization and role.

Remaining calm during an interview shows you can handle stressful situations and perform well under pressure. These characteristics create a positive impression on the interviewer. They also can help you advance in the hiring process.

Implement these tips to address nerves and handle tough questions during an interview.

Research the Company

Learn all you can about the organization:

  • Visit the company website to learn about the organization’s mission, vision, values, and how employees carry them out.
  • Discover the company’s products or services, biggest accomplishments, and current challenges.
  • Conduct an online search to discover the latest company news and developments.
  • Read employer reviews to see what working for the organization is like.
  • Determine why you want to work for the company and how you would be a great fit for the position.

Practice Answering Interview Questions

Develop clear, concise answers to both common and challenging interview questions. Use the job posting and your resume as guidelines for which types of questions to review. Also, include relevant stories that demonstrate the knowledge, skills, experience, and achievements the interviewer is looking for that equip you for the role.

Write Down Questions for the Interviewer

Develop questions to learn more about the company, team, and role. These questions might involve the culture, job duties and responsibilities, or manager expectations for the first 30 days. Asking questions shows you are interested in the role and would enjoy working for the company.

Practice Your Commute

Use your typical transportation method to determine how long it should take to arrive at the office. Then, practice your commute before your interview. Be sure to consider common traffic patterns, possible transportation delays, and other relevant details so you can arrive early for your interview.

Choose Appropriate Interview Attire

Decide in advance what you will wear to your interview. Allow adequate time to try on options and practice interviewing in them. Then, choose the outfit that makes you the most comfortable.

Rehearsing in your selected outfit helps you visualize confidently answering interview questions. You can use this visualization to remain calm and confident during your interview.

Monitor Your Breathing

Practice taking deep breaths, holding them for a bit, then releasing them:

  • Focus on positive thoughts as you inhale.
  • Let out as much air as possible as you exhale to release nervous energy.
  • Maintain calm, even breathing throughout the interview.

Are You Looking for Additional Interview Preparation?

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