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From Good to Great: Developing High-Performing General Labor Teams

High-performing general labor teams blend energy, responsibility, and respect to maintain high productivity levels. The teams’ managers clarify their objectives, then take planned actions to reach their objectives.

Managers of high-performing general labor teams create stability by hiring employees who perform their best and help each other when needed. These managers support open communication among their teams to encourage members to share their ideas, perspectives, and concerns to successfully complete projects.

High-performing teams meet or exceed their daily and weekly targets. Their actions help reach company goals and strengthen the bottom line.

Implement these tips to develop high-performing general labor teams.

Build Trust

Encourage your team members to get to know each other. For instance, they might discuss their families, hobbies, or personal interests to find commonalities. Your team can discuss these topics to form relationships, build camaraderie, and cultivate trust.

Team members who are personally invested in each other remain engaged and productive. They also collaborate well to reach team goals.

Set Team Goals and Expectations

Clarify what your team is working toward and when the tasks should be completed. Include the steps needed to reach the goals and how success will be measured.

Regularly check in with your team to determine their progress, answer questions, and provide support. Also, offer constructive feedback to improve your members’ performance.

Prioritize Communication

Support ongoing communication among your team. For instance, your members might talk about their project status, ask questions, or offer to help each other. Regular discussions about goals and projects help your team reach their targets.

Resolve Conflicts

Encourage your team to respectfully provide their ideas and perspectives to resolve conflicts. Calmly discussing disagreements can lead to increased efficiency in completing projects. Your team members may reach a compromise that helps complete the work in less time than the original approach would have taken.

Coach Your Team

Provide coaching for your team as a whole rather than individual members. This approach creates unity and encourages collaboration.

For instance, during one-to-one meetings, talk about how your member’s behaviors impact the rest of your team. This approach focuses on the individual’s actions rather than the individual.

Point out each team member’s accomplishments and suggestions for improvement. For instance, if a member often interrupts others during meetings, talk about how these actions affect the team. Then, ask your member to wait until others are done before speaking.

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