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Are You Losing Your Top Employees?

Is employee retention an ongoing issue for your team? If so, you are not alone.

A significant number of managers are losing their top employees. Many of these managers are unsure why.

Fortunately, you can take steps to find out why your top employees are leaving and what you can do about it. These ideas can help.

If You Are Losing Your Top Employees, Implement These Tips To Increase Retention 

Do You Listen to Your Employees’ Needs?

Your top employees may leave if they are not receiving the desired support. There could be issues that they brought to your attention and remain unresolved.

Pay attention to your employees’ needs by scheduling regular one-to-ones. Talk about any questions, concerns, or problems your employees may have. Provide relevant advice, resources, and support to resolve the issues. Show that you want the best for your team.

Do Your Employees Have Decision-Making Abilities?

You might lose your top employees if they are left out of the decision-making process. This lack of control over company rules, processes, protocols, and decisions can lead to disengagement, reduced performance, and lower productivity.

Involve your employees in making as many decisions as possible. This increased control over the issues that affect them creates buy-in for your employees. They are more likely to understand and agree with the decisions they participated in making.

Do Your Employees Have Advancement Opportunities?

Your top employees could leave if they have limited or no opportunities for career development. This includes training and development opportunities for professional growth.

Meet with each of your employees to develop a career path within your organization. Include the criteria required for promotions and opportunities to develop the necessary skills. This may involve delegation, stretch assignments, or cross-training.

How Do Your Employees Handle Conflict?

You may lose your top employees if they do not appropriately resolve conflict. This causes an unpleasant work environment. It also lowers employee performance, productivity, and morale.

Train your employees to discuss issues professionally and resolve conflicts. Support your team in working together to create a supportive, collaborative work environment to promote retention.

Do Your Employees Share Your Company’s Vision?

Your top employees might leave if they do not understand or agree with the direction your organization is moving in. This can result in a lack of support for reaching company goals.

Help your employees feel excited about the future of your organization. Clarify where your company is headed and how it plans to get there. This encourages your employees to do their part in reaching company goals.

Are Your Employees Paid Well?

You could lose your top employees if they are paid significantly below the market average. This can lead to a lack of motivation, disengagement, and low job satisfaction.

Ensure you pay your employees at least the market average. Or find out if their benefits can increase to add to their total compensation.

Need Help Hiring Top Employees?

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