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Key Qualities Employers Look for in Quality Control Job Candidates

There is a range of key qualities that employers look for in quality control job candidates. Knowing these qualities helps you emphasize them when looking for a new quality control job.

Key quality control skills help you notice small details, solve problems, and maximize efficiency. They also help you adapt to new work standards, requirements, and procedures for testing products. As a result, developing these key qualities is essential for success in your quality control career.

Discover the key qualities employers look for in quality control job candidates.

Research and Development

Research and development involve testing new equipment, analyzing new software, and finding ways to increase efficiency. Proficiency in this area makes your quality control work easier.


Communication is essential to collaborate with team members, product design professionals, and manufacturers. You might need to attend and present at quality assurance seminars and work outside the company.

Technological Aptitude

Technology changes how employers manage their product lines. New technology allows for more efficient use of raw materials and design, improved production methods, and better quality control standards. The technology used impacts how quality control professionals work.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is important for compiling reports and filing documentation. This includes using statistics to measure product quantities and qualities.


Decision-making is backed by the data accumulated. These decisions may suggest changes for colleagues or management to make to the products, services, or programs.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail helps ensure the products produced follow the applicable laws, standards, and guidelines. It also ensures the products have no design or packaging errors and function correctly. You may need to measure a product’s height, weight, and dimensions to ensure its accuracy.

Tips to Develop Key Qualities for Quality Control

  • Set goals for the key qualities you want to develop.
  • Observe your colleagues showing the key qualities you want to develop.
  • Ask questions about how your colleagues developed the key qualities you desire.
  • Practice the skills you want to develop. This may include creating the standards you want your homemade products to meet and using measuring equipment to meet these specifications.
  • Engage in a course that is focused on interpersonal skills or leadership. Or, consider gaining certification in quality control. Participating in professional development shows dedication to learning and growth.

Tips to Highlight Key Qualities for Quality Control

  • Cover letter: Emphasize your key qualities that are most relevant to the industry. Include your relevant skills and achievements that demonstrate these qualities.
  • Resume: Read the job description to determine which quality control skills to include in your resume. Include specific examples of how you used these skills to add value for previous employers.
  • Interview: Discuss your key qualities that are most relevant to the role. Show how you can use them to be successful in the position. Include the skills you want to develop in the future to add more value to the organization.

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