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How Managers Can Create Team Cohesion

Cohesion helps teams effectively function. The members stay engaged and productive while working together to reach common goals.

Team cohesion can be developed through interpersonal interactions that promote trust. The more united a team feels, the more likely the members will work well together to reach common objectives.

Cohesion among teammates results in strong communication, a positive work environment, and high job satisfaction. It also leads to personal accountability and effective conflict resolution.

Implement the following tips to develop team cohesion.

Develop Goals

Structure individual, team, and company goals as a goal pyramid. For instance, put individual goals at the bottom, team goals in the middle, and company goals on top. Also, ensure each of your employees understands their role and responsibilities to reach each goal.

Creating a goal pyramid provides transparency for your team. It shows the purpose of each goal and how reaching one goal impacts the others.

A goal pyramid also helps establish clear objectives at every level and how success will be measured. This helps your team keep their goals in mind as they work together to attain them.

Offer Training

Promote ongoing opportunities for learning and development. This encourages your team to guide their skill development.

The more confident your team members feel about their abilities, the more likely they will be to interact with each other. This increases engagement, productivity, and efficiency.

Demonstrate Transparency

Be as transparent as possible with your team. This includes sharing company news and involving your team members in company decisions. It also involves being open and honest about issues and working together to resolve problems.

Transparency helps build trust among your team. Teammates who trust each other are likely to work well together.

Promote Communication

Encourage your team members to openly communicate with each other throughout the day. The discussions may take place in person, over the phone, through email, or by online messaging.

Promote open discussion of ideas, questions, and concerns and resolution of conflicts. This builds trust among your team. It also supports connections that improve your team’s ability to work together to achieve common goals.

Provide Team-Building Activities

Set up monthly activities for your team to participate in. This may include team lunches, scavenger hunts, or volunteer opportunities.

Focus on the goals your team needs to reach and the relationships created or enhanced in the process. This promotes teammate bonds and employee morale.

Celebrate Successes  

Emphasize the importance of celebrating successes as a team. Use these opportunities to thank each of your team members for their contributions and results.

Point out how your team members’ efforts positively impact the organization. Recognize that each member plays an important role in reaching business goals.

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