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Daily Manufacturing Safety Practices

As a manager for a manufacturing company, safety is one of your top priorities. This is why you take the time to follow safety practices and check workplace safety throughout the day. Reducing the number of injuries among your workforce shows you care about your employees. As a result, employee engagement, productivity, and morale should increase.

Implement these daily practices to improve safety for your manufacturing team.

Train on Safety

Show your employees how to properly use the equipment, machines, and tools. Monitor your team members’ performance to ensure they use each piece of equipment correctly and for its intended purpose. Be sure to regularly clean and inspect the equipment as well.

Promote the Use of Safety Equipment

Make sure your employees wear the proper safety equipment when using equipment or cleaning up messes. Ensure the safety equipment is in proper condition to increase safety for your team.

Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

Keep the aisles clear and clean up spills to avoid having your employees slip, trip, or fall. If a team member is working with a liquid, make sure they use drip pans and guards. Check the workspaces for holes, loose boards, or nails projecting from the floor and replace any damaged areas. Consider installing anti-slip flooring in areas that cannot be easily cleaned.

Keep the Work Areas and Exits Clear

Remove any clutter that may be blocking the work areas, emergency exits, or equipment shutoffs. There needs to be enough room to properly use the tools and pick up heavy objects. Your employees also need to be able to quickly escape in case of an emergency.

Eliminate Fire Hazards

If your employees are working with combustible materials, keep on hand only the amount needed for the task at hand. Store the rest in an assigned safe storage area away from ignition sources. Keep the combustible waste in metal receptacles and properly dispose of it daily. Prevent dust accumulation by frequently using industrial vacuums to clean the areas where the dust gathers.

Contain Hazardous Materials

Keep hazardous materials in one area by maintaining and cleaning work area mats. Prevent cross-contamination by using mops and other cleaning materials for spills. Remind your employees not to wear their work clothes home and to change their clothes if they spill toxic materials on them.

Secure Objects

Keep objects from falling with protective nets, toe boards, or toe rails. Stack boxes straight up and down and heavy boxes on lower shelves. Maintain stacked objects away from aisles and work areas as well.

Emphasize Proper Lifting

Remind your employees to maintain proper posture when picking up objects. They should keep their backs straight, use their legs to lift, and pick up the item without stooping or twisting. A conveyor belt, wheelbarrow, forklift, or other mechanical aid should be used when possible.

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