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4 Tips to Get Your Company to Stand Out from Your Competition

Did you know that the majority of employees are not brand loyal? This means you constantly are competing for the top candidates. As a result, your business needs to stand out so they decide to work with you rather than with someone else.

Here are four ways to set apart your company from all the rest.

1.    Cultivate an Attractive Brand

The majority of candidates need only 10 seconds to form an impression of a company’s brand. As a result, you want a brand that gives your organization an identity, makes it memorable and supports your marketing. You also want it to bring your employees pride and encourage candidates to want to work for you. Along with your name, tagline, logo or symbol, and design, your brand includes your brand voice and customer experience when interacting with your business. Since the majority of customers purchase from a brand they know, and many buy because they like the brand, you need yours to be one that candidates relate to and connect with.

2.    Establish a Strong Online Presence

Almost all customers look online for local businesses when they are ready to make a purchase. The same goes for job seekers, which is why you need a highly visible online presence. For instance, make sure your website provides information about your company and its offerings, answers common questions, and makes it easy to sign up or get in touch with you. Be sure to include photos, videos, and stories about your employees as well. Also, promote your company on the social media platforms your target audience spends the most time on. Along with establishing and promoting your business page, you can place ads based on the demographics or interests of your top candidates. You also can share company updates, special offers, and photos and videos of your employees at work. Plus, ask your employees and clients to share online reviews. This increases your company’s credibility and authenticity.

3.    Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Most candidates factor in the service a company provides when deciding where to work. As a result, many will take their business elsewhere if they have a bad experience or read an unaddressed bad review. Be sure to provide the highest level of care when handling candidate questions and problems. They need to be efficiently and effectively resolved to the candidate’s satisfaction.

4.    Reward Candidate Loyalty

Most candidates will talk positively about a company they are loyal to. For this reason, you want to implement a loyalty program that encourages future referrals and candidates to keep coming back. This may include a referral bonus or highlighting long-standing candidates across your social media platforms. Whatever the incentive, it should be something enticing to your candidates.

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