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Onboarding General Laborers: Key Strategies for Success

Onboarding general laborers is essential for business success. This process elevates employee engagement, skill development, and career growth. These factors impact employee morale, retention, and the bottom line.

New hires typically decide in the first 90 days whether they will work for an organization long-term or find new opportunities. As a result, your general laborer onboarding process must support engagement and career growth within your company. These strategies can help.

Send the New Hire Paperwork Early

Email the general laborer essential employment documents before Day One. Examples include benefits registration forms, tax forms, and compliance documents.

Providing a general laborer with paperwork well before their start date provides adequate time to read the documents, ask questions, and fill in the information. Submitting the documents before starting work frees up time for the new hire to focus on other onboarding activities.

Share Training Information

Consider sending online training documents or tutorials for the general contractor to get acquainted with. The new hire can start learning about the e-portal to prepare for training sessions.

Have the Manager Reach Out Before Day One

Encourage the general laborer’s manager to connect with them before their first day of work. The manager can provide a welcome message, answer questions, and help the new hire assimilate with the team.

Reaching out to a general laborer before Day One helps maintain a positive impression of the organization. As a result, the new hire is likely to be on time for their shift, perform their best, and remain long-term.

Prepare for the New General Laborer

Ensure the general laborer’s name badge, personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment, tools, and technology are ready for them. Preparing for the new hire’s arrival shows the general laborer is a welcome and valued team member.

Have the manager or a member of Human Resources greet the general laborer at the door and guide them to the appropriate location. These activities set a positive tone for the new hire’s experience with your organization.

Provide a General Laborer Welcome Packet

Your general laborer welcome packet should include the following information:

  • The organization’s structure
  • Job duties and responsibilities
  • Job standards and expectations
  • Day-to-day activities
  • Performance review procedures
  • Relevant training documents

Share the General Laborer’s Onboarding Schedule

Provide an outline of the onboarding activities for the coming weeks. Maintaining structure, organization, and relevant activities supports new hire belonging, engagement, and longevity with your company.

Include the following information in your onboarding schedule:

  • Job duties, responsibilities, and expectations
  • Performance evaluations
  • Feedback tutorials
  • Compliance sessions
  • Goal-setting meetings
  • Mentorship time
  • Training sessions

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