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How To Develop a Career Path in Administrative Roles

Developing a career path in administrative roles helps you reach your goals. Having a plan to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for advancement enhances your career satisfaction.

Career progression in administrative roles involves taking on additional responsibilities to add more value to an organization. Working with a staffing partner can help.

Examples of Career Paths in Administrative Roles

You might pursue a career path in any of these administrative roles:

  • Office Administrator: Manage administrative employees. Maintain compliance with business regulations. Organize office operations. Manage office supplies. Research and write reports.
  • Executive Secretary: Provide administrative assistance to executives. Organize travel and itineraries. Notify of upcoming meetings. Compose and handle communications.
  • Office Manager: Support efficient office operations. Order office supplies. Organize meetings and business activities. Supervise administrative employees.

Follow these guidelines to develop a career path in administrative roles.

Prioritize Professional Development

Regularly engage in opportunities to develop your administrative career path. These learning sessions help enhance your knowledge and skill set to remain current with the industry. You can learn about the latest news, trends, technologies, and best practices to continue to provide additional value for employers.


Continuously build your professional network to access opportunities for career development. You can engage with other administrative professionals to learn about opportunities that fit your goals, skills, experience, and interests. You also can schedule informational interviews, request employee referrals, and meet hiring managers and other professionals who can support your career path.

Conduct a Skills Audit

Assess your hard and soft skills to determine your strengths and areas for improvement. Next, determine which administrative role you want. Then, create a plan to develop the knowledge and skills required for the new position. Examples include webinars, conferences, online courses, and certification.

Request Additional Administrative Responsibilities

Taking on new administrative duties and responsibilities helps increase your knowledge, skills, experience, and accomplishments. These factors enhance your ability to secure promotions for career development.

Partner with an Administrative Staffing Agency

Work with a recruiter from a staffing agency that specializes in administrative roles. The recruiter can introduce you to hiring managers with roles that fit your goals, skills, and experience. They also can coach you throughout the hiring process and negotiate any job offers on your behalf. Plus, the recruiter will regularly follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction with the role.

Are You Ready to Find an Administrative Role?

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