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Maximizing Temp-to-Hire Success: Tips for New Jersey Employers

Offering a temp-to-hire role provides a bridge between temporary and permanent employment. You hire a temporary worker for a set amount of time to determine whether to offer them a full-time job.

Providing a temp-to-hire role lets you analyze the worker’s performance and culture fit during the contract period. Then, you evaluate the worker’s contributions and results to decide whether they would be an effective addition to your team.

If you choose to extend a job offer, the staffing firm recruiter negotiates on the worker’s behalf. If not, the worker can move on to other assignments.

Advantages of Creating a Temp-to-Hire Role

Offering a temp-to-hire role provides you with a variety of benefits:

  • Scale your team up or down
  • Fill your changing business needs
  • Widen your candidate pool
  • Access hard-to-find skills
  • Hire the best talent
  • Elevate productivity
  • Assess a worker’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and team compatibility before hiring them
  • Minimize the risk of a bad hire
  • Save time and money on hiring
  • Reduce turnover
  • Decrease employment and payroll taxes
  • Lower unemployment insurance claims
  • Manage budget constraints

Implement these tips for New Jersey employers to maximize temp-to-hire success.

Emphasize Onboarding

Implement a structured temp-to-hire onboarding process. Help set a positive tone and equip workers to effectively contribute from Day 1.

Prioritize Communication

Communicate the job duties and responsibilities, your expectations for the role, and the potential for permanent employment. This transparency helps keep the recruiter and temp-to-hire worker on the same page as you.

Encourage Interactions

Regularly interact with the temp-to-hire worker to support team relationships and collaboration. Encourage your employees to follow suit.

Create a Performance Evaluation

Develop a system to assess the temp-to-hire worker’s performance. Include regular check-ins and the criteria for success to determine how well the worker fits with your organization.

Discuss Career Development

Talk with the temp-to-hire worker about training programs and career opportunities within your organization. Keep in mind that the worker might be qualified for a role other than the one they are in.

Are You Ready to Bring Aboard Temp-to-Hire Workers?

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