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Adapting to New Work Styles and Expectations

Adapting to new work styles and expectations is essential for success as a team. Discussing how you, your colleagues, coworkers, and manager approach work helps build trusting relationships. Talking about everyone’s expectations helps maintain work-life balance and reach company goals.

Discussing work styles and expectations helps create a positive work environment. You and your colleagues and coworkers can develop skills, collaborate on projects, and prepare for promotions.

Implement these tips to adapt to new work styles and expectations.

Talk About Work Styles and Expectations

Meet with your colleagues, coworkers, and manager to discuss work styles and expectations. Set a foundation of understanding and respecting each other’s similarities and differences.

For instance, if your manager expects you not to use your cell phone in personal workspaces, you can use your phone in the breakroom instead. Behaving in line with this expectation supports a productive workplace.

Reinforce Expectations

You may need to kindly remind others of your expectations to maintain your boundaries. For instance, if you have adjusted hours on specific days due to personal responsibilities, you might need to proactively remind your colleagues or coworkers who need your help with a project of your limited availability on these days. You could offer to help before you leave that day or wait until the next day.

Align Work Styles and Expectations with Skills and Abilities

Talk with your colleagues and coworkers who are collaborating with you on a project about each taking a role that fits their skills and abilities. This approach to work increases the likelihood of each team member meeting the manager’s expectations.

For instance, before taking on a role that requires being at work early or staying late for several days, consider whether you can fulfill this expectation. Then, proceed accordingly.

Maintain Accountability

Hold yourself and others accountable for adapting to different work styles and maintaining expectations. Enforcing accountability helps maintain boundaries for a pleasant work environment.

You might want to meet with colleagues, coworkers, and your manager to discuss methods to meet individual and team expectations in the future. Also, consider which factors may have caused issues and how they can be resolved going forward.

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