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How A Staff Right Job Agent Can Add Value To Your Job Search

Improve Your Career Choices: Add Value To Your Job Search By Working With A Job Agent

Have you ever used a true “Job Agent” to match you with a job that is ideal for your skills and a good fit for your personal goals?  If not, now is the time to begin.

What is a Job Agent?  How is a Job Agent Different Than a Recruiter?

Unlike recruiters who typically fill positions assigned to them, Job Agents work in partnership with candidates, actively seeking the optimal fit for their skills and personal goals. Job Agents have close knowledge about the jobs they fill with from non-filtered feedback from successful candidates at the job site they are recommending to you.

Job Agents are an advocate for you. They have strong working and placement experiences with multiple firms. They specialize in similar industries and work with a specific pool of companies and hiring managers. Job Agents work to improve your resume, talk you up to hiring managers, and coach you throughout the hiring process. The job agent can also help negotiate job offers on your behalf and provide ongoing support.

How Can a Staff Right Job Agent Add Value To Your Job Search?

Staff Right Job Agents Know The Hiring Manager

Our Job Agents’ ongoing relationship with the hiring manager helps them thoroughly understand the team and the business. This lets our agents establish a pattern of successfully placing candidates. It also promotes trust between our agents and the hiring manager.

Understanding the position helps our Job Agents point out how your qualifications make you a top candidate. This encourages the hiring manager to interview you. It also increases your likelihood of receiving a job offer.

Staff Right Job Agents Understand The Role

Our Job Agents thoroughly understand all aspects of the company and position. This goes beyond the job title, compensation range, benefits package, perks, duties and responsibilities, and requirements.

Detailed discussions with the hiring manager help the job agent share in-depth information about the role, team, and company. They also can discuss professional development opportunities and career paths with the organization. This provides you with insight you cannot gain elsewhere.

Our Job Agents know exactly what the hiring manager is looking for and how your background fits their needs. This helps the job agent advocate on your behalf to secure an interview and position.

Staff Right Job Agents Will Guide You To Success

Because a Staff Right Job Agent represents you, they want you to be successful with their clients. As a result, the job agent provides resources, feedback, and coaching throughout the hiring process.

The Job Agent understands exactly what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate. Therefore, they can provide guidance and support throughout the interview process. This includes sharing examples of your successes in previous roles that can provide value for your next employer.

Tailoring your approach to the interview process helps you make the best possible impression on the hiring manager. If you receive a job offer, the job agent can provide market insight and advice for what is realistic and achievable in terms of compensation, benefits, perks, and related issues. This helps you make an informed decision about the role.

Partner with a Staff Right Job Agent!

Working with a Staff Right Job Agent provides you with unbiased guidance and advice to find the best position for you. Our agents advocate for you to find a role that best fits your knowledge, skills, experience, goals, and interests. They also offer ongoing transparency to ensure you are aware of everything you need to know before accepting a job offer.

Experience the difference of working with Staff Right Solutions Job Agents today, and visit our job board!

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