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How To Manage Teams With Various Experience Levels

Managing teams with various experience levels can be challenging. Understanding your employees’ diverse personalities, communication preferences, and work styles makes managing them difficult.

Taking the time to understand your employees helps uncover what resonates best with them and their preferences. This makes managing your team easier.

Tips To Better Manage Teams With Various Experience Levels

Get to Know Your Team

Talk with your employees on a personal level. Learn about their families, hobbies, and interests.

Focus on each employee’s goals, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Gaining this insight helps you better manage your teams. For instance, if an employee is motivated by money, you might emphasize opportunities for bonuses, pay increases, and promotions to encourage productivity and performance.

Understanding who your employees are and what matters most to them helps you more effectively lead them. Personalizing your approach to each employee promotes feelings of respect, value, and support. This increases your team’s engagement, productivity, and performance.

Engage in Check-Ins

Schedule regular one-to-ones with your team. Use this time to get updated on each employee’s progress, answer questions, and provide resources and support as needed.

Find out how each employee is doing personally. Encourage open discussion about any personal issues that may be impacting their work.

Actively listen to your employees. Ask questions to gather additional details.

Restate what you heard to check your understanding. Provide accommodations and support however possible.

Use Emotional Intelligence

Your ability to recognize your own and others’ emotions helps you manage a team with various experience levels. This encourages your employees to share their questions, concerns, and problems with you.

Your ability to pick up on others’ physical and verbal cues helps draw out the words your employees may hesitate to say to you. Addressing these issues helps you better manage your team.

Advocate For Your Team

Encourage and empower your employees throughout the day. This includes recognizing and rewarding their contributions, results, and impact on the organization.

For instance, encourage each of your employees to share their ideas and perspectives during meetings. If you have an introverted employee who shares their thoughts with you after a meeting, ensure you credit them for their input.

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