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How to Quit Without Hurting Relationships

When the time comes to change jobs, you want the process to go as smoothly as possible. This practice promotes success throughout your career.

Ensure you leave your current role and transition to your new one in a professional manner. Because virtually everyone changes companies at some point, you might end up working with the same professionals in the future.

Knowing how to quit your job without hurting relationships lets you contact former colleagues, managers, and coworkers down the road. You might need them to provide a professional recommendation or referral.

Follow these guidelines to quit your job without hurting relationships.

Secure a New Job  

Have a new role lined up before leaving your current one. It is typically easier to find a job when you still are employed. Also, it can take months to begin a new position. Additionally, you might use up your savings if your job search takes longer than anticipated.

Meet with Your Manager

Set a time to talk with your manager about your job change and last day with the company. In most cases, a 2-week notice is sufficient.

Be prepared to answer questions about why you are leaving and whether anything can be done to encourage you to stay. Keep in mind you do not have to answer all of your manager’s questions. Instead, you can respectfully say you are keeping the information to yourself for now. Then, move the conversation to more comfortable topics.

Let your manager know you appreciate all they have done for you and your career. Share how grateful you are for what you learned during your time with the organization.

Offer to Train Your Replacement

Let your manager know you are willing to help with the transition as needed. This may include training the employee who takes over the position.

Ensure your replacement has the documents, project notes, and other information needed to take over the job. This helps the process go as smoothly as possible. It also helps you leave on a positive note.

Talk with Your Colleagues

Let your colleagues and coworkers know when your last day is. Share how much you enjoyed working with them. Offer to keep in touch.

Participate in an Exit Interview

Talk about what you enjoyed most while working for the organization and what could have been better. Include specific suggestions for how to improve for future employees.

Maintain a positive attitude during the exit interview. Focus on professionalism in your answers.

Reinforce your gratitude for being part of the company. Express your appreciation for the relationships you built.

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