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Tips to Improve Your Team’s Time Management

Your team’s time management impacts how they plan, control, and spend their workdays. This includes how your team runs projects, completes tasks, and reaches deadlines.

The more efficiently your team members manage their time, the more they accomplish. This decreases stress levels, the desire to take work home, and the odds of experiencing burnout.

Improving your team’s time management promotes work-life balance. Effectively completing tasks during the day allows time to pursue personal interests in the evening. This elevates employee engagement, job satisfaction, and retention.

Implement these tips to improve your team’s time management.

Coach on Work Priorities

Regularly share with your team what their top priorities are. Then, provide the knowledge and tools required to complete the work.

Prioritizing tasks helps your team understand what they should be working on and when. This empowers your team to complete quality work by the deadline. It also improves your team’s time management.

Check-In with Your Team

Regularly meet with your team to determine their work progress. For instance, find out what they accomplished, what they are working on, and what needs to be done. Also, address any questions, concerns, or issues. Plus, ask how you can support your team in completing their work.

Checking in with your team provides motivation and guidance to maintain performance and productivity. It also benefits your team’s time management.

Encourage Asking for Help

Support your team in requesting help when needed. Remind them that nobody has all of the answers or can accomplish everything independently. Asking for assistance helps your team effectively manage their time.

Your team should use their strengths and abilities to help each other succeed. This includes sharing their knowledge, skills, and experiences to complete projects. Remind your team they can come to you if they need additional support to overcome an obstacle.

Emphasize Accountability

Hold your team accountable for following through on tasks. They must complete quality work by the deadlines. This requires your team to properly manage their time.

Ensure each team member understands their project role, tasks, responsibilities, and due dates. Also, remind them to communicate with you and each other as they work on the project. This is especially important for keeping the project on schedule.

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