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Skills You Need to Be a Machine Operator

A role as a machine operator involves working with electronic, computer-operated, or manual machines. The daily routine includes cleaning and maintaining the machines to support production.

Working as a machine operator requires adaptation and efficiency. You must be able to troubleshoot and solve problems to keep production going.

Listing the most essential skills in your resume helps you land a machine operator interview. Understanding which skills are most relevant increases your likelihood of being contacted by a hiring manager.

The following are some of the top skills you need to be a machine operator.

Knowledge of Production Procedures

Understanding the machines and the company’s production procedures enhances worker safety. This is why a machine operator must follow the production procedures exactly as given.


Analytical skills are required to understand the machines’ specifications, blueprints, schematic drawings, models, and samples. These skills help a machine operator turn a representation into a physical reality.

Analytical skills also are needed to work with computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs. This includes understanding how the machines work and the math required to keep the machines properly functioning.

Detail Orientation

Attention to detail is important for following the specifications and models to turn representations into reality. This focus on detail also helps a machine operator keep the machines maintained, supplied with materials, and working at capacity. This makes the machines safe and the material usable.

Problem Solving

A machine operator must use problem-solving skills to identify and address problems as they occur. This helps determine why a machine may not be working as intended and how to fix it. It also helps prevent the problem from recurring.

Decision Making

Making fast, informed decisions is essential for a machine operator. There may be urgent requests to fix machines.

The machine operator must use the available information to make rapid decisions and be accountable for the results. The sooner the machines are repaired, the sooner production can resume.


A machine operator must have high physical and mental stamina. Standing throughout the day, moving heavy equipment, and other physically demanding tasks are common.

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