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Can a Seasonal Position Turn into a Full-Time Job?

There are many reasons why you might take on a seasonal position. Maybe you desire short-term work to pay off debt or save for a goal. Or, perhaps you want to earn income without fully committing to a company.

If you decide you like the work and the employer, you may be able to turn your seasonal position into a full-time job.

  • Working in a seasonal position helps you gain experience with an organization.
  • Investing 2-4 months with the company typically is long enough to determine whether you want to remain long-term.
  • You can network with colleagues, coworkers, managers, HR staff, and other leaders who may impact whether you receive a job offer.

Holding a seasonal position helps develop the skills and experience required for a full-time job with the business.

  • The hiring manager can evaluate your work performance, the company’s needs, and the budget.
  • The manager can determine whether to offer you a full-time job.
  • Having completed onboarding and training is in your favor.

Implement these tips to potentially turn a seasonal position into a full-time job.

Arrive on Time  

Your seasonal position occurs during a time of peak productivity. The increased workload means greater pressure to meet deadlines and keep up with demand.

  • Show up on time every day.
  • Demonstrate dependability, trustworthiness, and the ability to maintain productivity.
  • These are qualities the hiring manager looks for in full-time employees.

Remain Flexible

Offer to come in early, stay late, or cover other shifts when needed.

  • Show you prioritize filling company needs.
  • Increases the amount of time you spend with colleagues, coworkers, and leaders.
  • Perform as a team player.
  • Potentially be offered a full-time job.

Fulfill Requests

Perform the tasks you are asked to do.

  • Show you take your work seriously and prioritize efficiency.
  • Follow through and hold yourself accountable.
  • Show the hiring manager you should be hired for a full-time job.

Perform Your Best

Give your all throughout each day of your seasonal position.

  • Go above and beyond expectations.
  • Show you look for ways to add value to the organization.
  • Increase your odds of landing a full-time job.

Talk with Your Manager

Express your interest in turning your seasonal position into a full-time job.

  • Your manager can monitor your performance and decide whether to employ you long-term.
  • If there is no opening on the team, your manager might recommend you for another role within the organization.
  • Your manager could refer you to another company that requires your skills and experience.  

Looking for a Seasonal Position or a Full-Time Job?

Staff Right Solutions has a range of seasonal and full-time jobs that fit your skills and interests. Begin your search today.

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