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Interview Prep: Resume Trends for 2023

Your resume is designed to show a hiring manager you are the candidate they have been looking for. This encourages the manager to contact you for an interview before a competitor does.

Having your resume stand out requires personal branding. This includes impactful statements that quantify your accomplishments. These details point out how you use your unique abilities to add value to companies.

Including keywords and key phrases helps your resume pass through an applicant tracking system (ATS) and to the hiring manager. These words and phrases show you understand the position and excel at the duties and responsibilities.

Learn how to implement the top resume trends for 2023.

Personal Branding

Show your personality, passion, work style, leadership skills, and other unique qualities. Share these details among your qualifications and accomplishments. These details demonstrate who you are and who you are not.

Begin your resume with an effective branding statement. Ensure it is clear, concise, and resonates with the hiring manager.

Use your branding statement and headline to create an attractive value proposition. Ensure it appeals to the hiring manager. For instance, “Top-performing manufacturing professional raising the bar on supply chain excellence.”

Wow Statements

State the most important, impressive, valuable details that make you the best candidate for the role. Show what differentiates you from the other applicants.

Be specific about your accomplishments in previous roles. Show how they apply to the position you desire.

Share your wow statements in your summary and experience section. Include keywords and metrics to demonstrate your achievements.

Begin each wow statement with an active verb for maximum impact. Examples include “developed” and “navigated.”

Quantifiable Accomplishments

Describe your achievements with strength, meaning, and power. This captures the hiring manager’s attention.

Consider whether you were responsible for people, projects, functions, organizations, revenues, or profits. If so, think about your impact in these areas in terms of “how much” or “how many.”

Analyze the challenges you overcame or promotions you earned. Include how quickly you advanced or why you moved up.

Use numbers, dollars, or percentages to communicate your value to previous employers. For instance, “Decreased costs by 25% after developing and launching an updated office procedure manual.”

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