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Letting Your Factory Work for You Through Visibility & Resilience

Adopting a digital-first model provides manufacturers with significant advantages. For instance, these companies can maintain customer satisfaction without substantial overstock. Also, these businesses can better predict the output of the manufacturing process.

Converting to a digital-first model provides real-time visibility and execution for manufacturing. This positively impacts the materials, methods, and manpower on overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

According to IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing 2021 Predictions, 30% of manufacturers are expected to enhance their shop floor digital twin with real-time signal transponder data by 2023. This would lead to an 80% reduction in logistic bottlenecks in both the shop floor and storage areas.

Discover how visibility and resilience can increase efficiency in your manufacturing factory.

Quickly Fix Problems

Real-time data streams typically are used to develop manufacturing visibility and insight. These streams are analyzed to uncover patterns in materials, machines, processes, and labor. The patterns can determine delays, quality issues, or cost issues that must be resolved.

You can use visibility to gain insight into material variance, the effectiveness of equipment or manpower, and other issues. Understanding where these problems originate lets you quickly solve them for minimal impact.

Create Connectivity Infrastructure

Connectivity lets you collect data from people, equipment, and the environment. This process may involve wireless sensor networks, software-defined networking, or programmable networks.

The sophistication level of the infrastructure depends on the reliability, assurance, and automation required for connectivity and data transmission. The plant conditions where the operations occur matter as well.

One key consideration includes whether the infrastructure is located outdoors in an adverse climate. Another consideration is the ease of implementing rules-based configurations across the sites. A third consideration is the amount of control over network access.

Install End-to-End Cybersecurity

Data has an essential role in manufacturing visibility and resiliency. Extracting, moving, computing, visualizing, and analyzing this data involves cybersecurity risks.

As a result, you must protect the entire production value chain and network from cyber threats. You can attain this objective with firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, and endpoint protection. Also, your systems must continuously self-monitor to uncover and isolate potential security breaches.

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