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Tips for Increasing Positive Online Reviews

Most customers look up products or services online to decide which company to do business with. This is true even if customers hear about a new service or company through word of mouth.

Brightlocal’s Local Consumer Review Survey 2022 showed that 77% of respondents always or regularly read online reviews when looking for local businesses in 2021. Eighty-one percent reported using Google to evaluate these companies.

As a result, you should prioritize receiving 5-star online reviews. This builds your company’s online reputation, customer base, and bottom line.

Follow these guidelines to help your company gain more positive online reviews.

Request Online Reviews

Ask your customers to evaluate your company’s products or services. This is especially important after positive customer experiences.

Keep in mind that providing a financial incentive for an online review is a bad business practice. Instead, consider emailing your customers a coupon for a discount on your products or services as a thank you for reviewing your company.

Simplify the Online Review Process

Providing an easy way for your customers to give online reviews increases the number of reviews posted. This is especially effective if you include your company in multiple online directories.

Customers appreciate having options for where to review your company’s products or services. This is especially important because not everyone uses Facebook or Yelp.

Include a feedback button on your company website. Your customers can leave an online review after doing business with you.

Send follow-up emails or surveys to determine whether your customers were satisfied with your products or services. Ask for constructive feedback to improve.

Respond to Online Reviews

Reply as quickly as possible to all online reviews. According to the Brightlocal survey, 89% of respondents were highly or fairly likely to do business with a company that responded to all of its online reviews.

For instance, thank each customer for providing an online review. Share that you appreciate their taking the time to share feedback on your products or services. Include details about what the customer appreciated most about their experience.

If you receive a negative review, apologize for the customer’s inconvenience. Explain the steps being taken to resolve the issue. This shows you prioritize the customer experience and are open to improvement.

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