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Why It’s Important to Always Answer the Phone When a Recruiter Calls

Answering a recruiter’s phone call may be the best career decision you make. You never know when your dream opportunity may be presented to you.

Even if you enjoy your current role, a recruiter may let you know about a position that is even better. This can open up new possibilities for professional growth that you had not considered.

You may decide to change jobs, begin a new career path, or remain where you are. In any case, learning about new opportunities can help with your career development.

Learn some benefits of always answering the phone when a recruiter calls.

Uncover an Attractive Opportunity

The recruiter may be calling you about an opportunity you do not want to turn down. The job might be one you thought was out of your reach. Or, it could be a role with the company you always wanted to work for.

Because the recruiter has relationships with employers in your area, they may know about opportunities that others do not. As a result, you gain access to opportunities you otherwise would not have.

Meet with the Hiring Manager  

If you like what the recruiter shares about the opportunity, you can schedule an interview with the client. This lets you meet the hiring manager and learn more about the role and company.

Understanding more detail about the opportunity lets you decide whether it is right for you. You can keep your current position if you decide not to make a change.

Understand Your Value

Talking with a recruiter lets you determine what others in a role similar to yours are earning. This provides an idea of how in-demand your current position is. You can use this information to map out your future career decisions.

Learn About Future Opportunities

If you talk with a recruiter and decide the opportunity is not for you, you can pass on it. However, you should ask the recruiter to keep in touch about future opportunities.

Ensure you let the recruiter know about your knowledge, skills, experience, and goals. Also, share what you look for in an employer. Then, when the time comes to change jobs, you know whom to contact.

Ready to Work with a Recruiter?

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