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Managers Are Most Effective in Encouraging Motivation

Employee motivation is the enthusiasm and drive to complete work tasks. It encourages employees to continue to move forward and reach their goals.

As a manager, finding out what motivates your team to perform is one key to business success. This creates a work environment where your employees contribute to the best of their abilities.

As a result, your team members remain engaged and productive. This leads to greater retention.

Follow these guidelines to motivate your team to perform their best.

Develop Relationships with Your Employees

Form professional relationships with your team. For instance, have conversations with them every day. Also, make yourself available to address questions and concerns. Showing you care about your employees motivates them to perform their best.

  • Encourage your team to share their ideas to improve business operations.
  • Let your employees develop and implement the most effective ideas to benefit the company.
  • Actively listen to your team.
  • Ask questions and provide support when needed.

Encourage Learning and Development

Provide opportunities for your team to develop their knowledge and skills. Let your employees implement what they learn while completing their work. This promotes the motivation to advance within your organization. It also increases employee retention.

  • Include individual goals in quarterly performance development plans.
  • Reassign routine responsibilities to newer employees who may find them challenging.
  • Allow cross-training in other roles to serve as backup for employee absences.
  • Provide stretch assignments to increase employee capabilities.
  • Let your team members represent you at meetings and industry events.

Promote Autonomy

Let your team make as many decisions as possible. This is especially important for how your employees approach and complete their work. The more independence your team has, the more motivated they are to reach their goals.

  • Define the boundaries, limits, and critical points for your team to provide you with feedback on their decisions and progress toward their goals.
  • Assign higher-level responsibilities while taking away lower-level ones to develop employee responsibilities.
  • Provide a wider range of information to your team to increase their involvement in and connection to the organization.
  • Allow more opportunities to impact department or company priorities, goals, and measurements.

Prioritize Employee Recognition

Express gratitude for your team’s contributions and results. For instance, point out specific actions an employee took, what the results were, and how they impacted the organization. Also, give bonuses, raises, or promotions when appropriate. This provides motivation to repeat the desired behaviors, receive favorable results, and further benefit the company.

  • Write thank-you notes for your employees.
  • Verbally express appreciation in your team’s workspaces.
  • Thank your employees during individual or team meetings.
  • Give gift cards to your employees’ favorite restaurants.
  • Buy your team lunch.

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