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How to Contribute to a Safe Workplace Culture

As a manufacturing or light industrial employee, you are responsible for maintaining a safe workplace culture. This goes beyond complying with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements, participating in safety training, and following safety processes.

A safe workplace culture places high value on safety beliefs, values, and attitudes. Every employee at every level of the organization does their part to ensure the workplace is as safe as possible. This makes safety a mindset more than just a process.

Discover actionable steps you can take to maintain safety as part of your workplace culture.

Lead by Example

Model the proper safety procedures at all times. Educate and coach your teammates and coworkers on following safety protocols. Your ongoing focus on safety will encourage others to follow suit.

Hold Yourself and Others Accountable

Recognize that you, your teammates, and your coworkers need to follow all rules and guidelines to enhance safety in your workplace. This includes participating in safety training and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). It also involves maintaining a safe work environment and following the processes for each task. Plus, report any safety concerns to your manager.  

Become a Safety Champion

Advocate for following safety protocols by serving as a Safety Champion. This requires working with your teammates and coworkers to create a mindset of safety. It also involves having everyone look out for each other. Encouraging your coworkers to work together toward this common goal increases the safety of the work environment.

Present Toolbox Talks

Provide a 15-minute discussion about a specific safety issue while in the work environment. For instance, begin by sharing what the topic is and defining any technical terms. Also, align the information with the group’s daily tasks. Additionally, include real-life examples that they will understand. Plus, find out whether anyone needs additional training. If so, connect them with the appropriate person.

Participate in a Safety Committee

Become an active member of your company’s safety committee. Stay active during the meetings and scheduled safety programs. Also, remain current on new safety measures and improvements to safety protocols. Plus, consider joining a safety group in your community on your company’s behalf to discuss workplace safety.

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