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How to Bridge the Gap Between Manufacturing Employees and Management

Communication between your manufacturing employees and management is important. It promotes employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

Having a communication gap between your employees and management results in decreased employee motivation, morale, and loyalty to the organization. This makes it harder to reach business goals. It also impacts the bottom line.

Bridging the communication gap between your employees and management helps resolve these adverse issues. When employees feel valued, they are inclined to put in their best effort and remain committed to their work.

Follow these guidelines to improve communication between your employees and management.

Uncover Signs of Poor Communication

Identify specific ways that your employees and management are not in sync with their communication. This may include confusion about goals, indecision about important matters, or misaligned approaches to problem-solving.

Focus on the Generation Gap

A generation gap between your employees and management may lead to communication problems. In many cases, younger employees may use technology to solve problems, whereas older managers may use more traditional methods to solve problems.

In this case, it would be best to gather your employees and managers of all generations to discuss how they can collaborate. This might include training your employees and managers to more effectively communicate and use the latest technology to resolve issues.

Review Employee and Management Communications  

Pay attention to the methods and styles your employees and management use to communicate. This can help determine where the confusion or conflict is coming from. Use your findings to suggest ways to improve communication and promote understanding.

Update the Office Equipment and Technology

The equipment and technology may not be current enough to handle communication between your employees and management. In this case, the equipment and technology should be replaced.

This may be especially important for the office’s internet connection. Much communication between your employees and management likely occurs through email and chat platforms.

Promote In-Person Communication

Face-to-face communication helps develop relationships between your employees and management. This method of communication often is more effective than sending an email. It shows that management cares about what employees have to say. Employees who feel heard tend to put in more effort than employees who do not feel heard.

Encourage Positive Reinforcement

Emphasize the importance of management providing recognition for employee performance. This includes pointing out how specific employee contributions and results impacted the organization. It shows that management appreciates the employees’ accomplishments.

In addition to verbal or written recognition, management should include an employee bonus, raise, or promotion when appropriate. This encourages employees to continue to perform their best.

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