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6 Signs That Your Job Is Harmful to Your Mental Health

It’s common to dislike your job at times. There always will be aspects of it you don’t like.

However, you need to pay attention to whether your job is harming your mental health. If your work constantly is stressful, dull, or unfulfilling, it can drain the life out of you.

No amount of time away from a job that is negatively impacting your mental health will make it tolerable when you return. As a result, you may want to begin looking for a new job now.

If you are experiencing any of the following seven signs, your job may be harmful to your mental health.

1. You Rarely Experience Positive Emotions at Work

Your mental health may be at risk if you don’t feel happy while on the job. You may constantly feel uneasy, weary, or stressed. Your teammates might encourage you to smile, but you might experience the positivity that goes with the action.

2. You Often Feel Ill

Your job may be harming your mental health if your physical health is declining. Chronic stress can have physical effects on your immune system. This may result in increased illnesses and longer than usual recovery times. It also can lead to a substantial number of absences from work.

3. You Do Not Sleep Well on Work Nights

Your mental health may be at risk if you continuously have trouble sleeping when you have to work the next day. The anticipation and dread might keep you awake at night. This can cause irritability while on the job.

4. You Spend Your Weekends Recovering from Work

Your job may be harming your mental health if your emotions decline throughout the work week. Perhaps you feel exhausted by Tuesday and cannot imagine making it until Friday. When the weekend arrives, you might be too worn out to enjoy it. By the time you recover, you have to go back to work.

5. Sunday Nights Have You Stressed

Your mental health may be declining if you consistently feel irritable before the work week begins. Even if you can focus on other things Friday and Saturday nights, you have to think about work on Sunday nights. This may cause trouble engaging with others and enjoying the end of your weekend.

6. You Constantly Wish for Retirement

Your mental health may be spiraling if you constantly wish you could retire. The weekend might not be enough of a break from work. Instead, you may want a permanent vacation from it. You could start planning your retirement or thinking of ways to save enough money to avoid having to work.

Would a New Job Benefit Your Mental Health?

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