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Are You Purposefully Developing and Learning Skills While on the Job?

Do you actively add to your knowledge and skill set by performing work tasks? Some of the most important areas to focus on include industry or product knowledge, professionalism, and leadership. Other areas involve customer service, time management, and strategic thinking.

You may add to your knowledge and skills while onboarding, training, job shadowing, or engaging in professional development opportunities. This increases your qualifications for more advanced positions to help with your career advancement.

Discover how you can increase your knowledge and skill set at work to move up in the organization.

Analyze Your Knowledge and Skills

Evaluate your knowledge and experience level with specific skills that relate to your job or industry. You may want to use online assessments to determine where you are at. This shows which areas you excel in and which areas you can improve in. Working to develop skills in your weaker areas lets you provide additional value to the organization.

Find Learning Opportunities

Talk with your manager or an HR professional about the learning and development opportunities your company offers. This may involve training for specific skills, participating in a seminar, or completing an online course. Then, find ways to develop the areas you are weakest in. The knowledge and abilities you gain can help with your career growth.

Implement What You Learn

Practice using your latest knowledge and skills whenever possible. You may want to begin with a low-impact situation to see your results and adjust accordingly. The more you apply your knowledge and skills, the more comfortable you will be. This promotes career progression.

Job Shadow

Learn from a colleague or coworker with the knowledge and skills you desire. You may want to shadow them or meet to discuss their strategy for skill development. Or, you might ask the individual to observe you using your latest skill and share constructive feedback for improvement. This helps you increase your competency in the desired area.

Request Support

Ask your manager and anyone you collaborate with to help you develop your knowledge and skill set. They can advise you on how they approached these objectives. Your manager and collaborators also might direct you to specific resources and opportunities for additional learning.

Track Your Progress

Regularly take assessments to determine where you are at in developing your knowledge and skills. Then, compare your current results to your previous results. This shows how much you are learning. It also provides motivation to continue moving forward.

Advance Your Career

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