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How to More Effectively Motivate Your Manufacturing Team

Your manufacturing team helps form the foundation of your company. They show up to build products for your customers.

This is why keeping your team motivated is so important. They need to feel valued and respected to maintain the proper level of productivity.

If you need help keeping your team motivated, there are steps you can take to attain this objective. The following tips can help.

Discover some methods to increase motivation for your manufacturing team to remain productive.

Maintain a Positive Work Environment

A positive work environment includes keeping the production area clean and safe. For instance, arrange items so they are ready to use. Also, remove any tools that are not being used. Additionally, keep the walkways clear to reduce the risk of injuries. Plus, regularly clean and maintain the equipment. These actions help your team more efficiently perform their tasks.

Make the Work Meaningful

Share with your team how their work impacts the organization. This includes what happens when an order comes in and when the finished products leave the building. Also, mention any customer feedback you may hear. Connecting your team’s tasks with a bigger purpose helps them understand the importance of their work. It also promotes employee buy-in to the production process.

Follow Standardized Processes

Having regular processes in place lets your team know what to expect. This provides the basis to complete their tasks. Understanding exactly what is expected of your team builds momentum for them to complete their tasks.  This provides motivation for them to continue working.

Regularly Communicate

Maintain ongoing communication with your team. For instance, clarify what their goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) are. This lets your team know what they are working toward and how success will be measured. Also, let your team know when new information is available, or workloads are coming in. This prepares them for a change in their tasks. Additionally, share your team’s progress toward attaining their goals and KPIs. This provides a foundation of success to continue to build on.

Request Feedback

Encourage your team to provide constructive feedback to improve processes and solve problems. For instance, create a wall where ideas can be written for future discussions about development. Also, regularly develop process improvements and resolve issues during team meetings. Implement the processes and solutions when they are ready.

Provide Recognition

Thank your team every day for their contributions and results. This includes acknowledging when your employees put in additional effort to reach their targets. Mention a specific action taken, what the results were, and how they impacted the organization. Provide small gifts, bonuses, raises, or promotions when appropriate.

Need to Add to Your Manufacturing Team?

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