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This Question Can Help You Decide Whether or Not the Company Is a Good Fit

One of the questions you may be asked during your next interview is, “What are your interests?” This question is designed to determine how engaged you likely would be in the role and on the team.

You can use the interviewer’s response to your answer to determine how happy you likely would be if you joined the team. Give an honest answer, then pay attention to whether the interviewer seems interested in what you say.

Determine whether the interviewer shares your interests and seems engaged when you talk about something that matters to you. The interviewer’s response provides insight into whether your ideas and opinions would be valued in the position.

Follow these guidelines to talk about your interests during an interview and determine whether the company is a good fit for you.

Understand the Motivation Behind the Question

The interviewer may ask what your interests are to see which parts of your job you are most passionate about. Or, they might want to learn about who you are outside of work.

  • The interviewer could wonder how much you enjoy opportunities to learn, solve problems, and implement ideas.
  • The interviewer likely wants to see how your knowledge and skills would add to the team.
  • What the interviewer could learn from you and whether you share the same interests is important.
  • Having different interests can encourage appreciation for what you like to do.

Discuss a Genuine Interest

Determine whether you want to talk about a professional or personal interest.

  • If you decide on a professional interest, base it on the job description or what you learned about the role or company during the interview.
  • Focus on what excites you about the role and why you applied for it.
  • Include a concrete example of why this interests you.
  • If you decide on a personal interest, focus on a hobby, an interest that relates to the job, or an interest that you know employees of the company share.
  • Talk passionately about your interest.
  • Create a connection with the interviewer to determine whether the environment is right for you.

Consider What You Want the Interviewer to Know

Think about what your interest is and how you actively interact with it. Include why it interests you and what you get out of it.

  • If you share a professional interest, clarify how it makes you a better candidate.
  • If you share a personal interest, mention some general skills it taught you.
  • Perhaps your interest helps you learn or develop your skill set.
  • Maybe your interest exposes you to new people or ideas.
  • Your interest could help you unwind.

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