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How to Improve Your Manufacturing Team’s Motivation

As the manager of a manufacturing team, one of your top priorities likely is to increase your employees’ productivity. The more productive your employees are, the better your bottom line.

One key to increasing employee productivity is to provide the motivation to perform at a higher level. Fortunately, there are ways to attain this objective that can benefit your team as well as your company.

Discover seven methods to increase your manufacturing team’s motivation and production levels.

1. Provide Incentives

Employees tend to work harder when they receive short-term rewards.

  • Consider the implementation of a piecework bonus system to encourage greater productivity on the production floor.
  • Clarify the standards for the quality of work you expect.
  • Let your employees know that the rejected product will be deducted from the quantity considered for the bonus.

2. Implement Gainsharing

Let your employees benefit from the profits earned by their hard work.

  • Set a baseline performance for the production numbers.
  • Determine your team’s production numbers.
  • Compare the baseline performance numbers to your team’s production numbers to determine the gain.
  • Use a predefined formula to determine which portion of the savings your employees receive.
  • The payout should be self-funded and given out monthly or quarterly.
  • Distribute the bonus throughout your entire production team or unit.

3. Promote Social Interactions

Encourage your employees to talk with each other and you during the workday.

  • Interactions among teammates lead to increased work performance.
  • Let your employees know you are available to answer questions and discuss problems.
  • Be sure to recognize your employees’ contributions and results.
  • Share how your employees’ efforts benefit the organization.
  • Express gratitude for your employees when you hand out their paychecks.

4. Diversify Tasks

Working on different tasks increases productivity.

  • Changing up the tasks breaks up the monotony of repetition.
  • Working on alternative tasks with different teammates lets your employees get to know each other better.

5. Implement Employee Input

Work with your employees to gather, develop, and implement their ideas to improve processes and procedures.

  • Fresh ideas help improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Implementation of employee feedback shows you value your team’s input.
  • Your employees should feel valued for their cognitive abilities as well as assembly line aptitude.

6. Prioritize Safety

Keep your employees’ work environment as safe as possible to show you care about their well-being.

  • Safe workers tend to stay engaged and productive.
  • Provide safety equipment and regular safety training.
  • Ensure your employees follow safety guidelines at all times.
  • Encourage your employees to continuously monitor the safety of themselves and others.

7. Recognize Accomplishments

Create an employee recognition program for your team.

  • Combine public praise with the human need to compete to elevate your employees’ performance.
  • Choose an Employee of the Month with specific examples of how their contributions impacted the company.
  • Focus on safety streaks and money-saving or revenue-generating ideas that your employees come up with.

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