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4 Ways to Make Your Job Search More Successful

Searching for a new job can be stressful. There are a variety of approaches to take that can lead to different results.

Having a plan to develop your job search can help you continue to move forward. The more daily action you take, the closer you get to landing the job you want.

Following these four steps can help your job search be more successful.

1. Treat Your Job Search as a Process

Thoughtfully reflect on what your ideal job looks like.

  • List and prioritize your top five criteria with examples.
  • Clarify why these criteria are important to you.
  • Focus on your work values, interests, skills, experience, and career possibilities.
  • Keep in mind that your priorities and circumstances likely have changed since you began your current position.
  • Research and analyze the role requirements and how you can meet the employer’s needs.
  • Clarify how your qualifications make you well-suited for a role.

2. Develop Your Marketing Plan

Decide how to package all the benefits you can provide an employer.

  • Focus on your performance and results to craft your written and spoken communication.
  • Drill down to explain why your contributions matter and specific ways they added value to an organization.
  • Provide insight into how your role made a key difference in solving a business problem.

3. Build Your Network

Employee referrals are the top source for hiring.

  • Focus on building alliances rather than asking for a job.
  • Arrange informational interviews with employees in the role you want.
  • Learn all you can about an employer, the job opening, and the team.
  • Offer to help the connections you talk with.

4. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Focus on moving forward until you land the job you desire.

  • Remember that transitions are temporary.
  • Surround yourself with a strong support team.
  • Praise yourself for your small successes along the way.
  • Avoid letting anxiety and vulnerability impact your confidence level.
  • Keep in mind that not being contacted for an interview or offered a job means there is a different opportunity waiting for you.

Want Help with Your Job Search?

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