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What Employers Can Do to Improve Employee Engagement

With the Great Resignation happening, millions of employees are leaving their jobs to take on more satisfying roles. One of the biggest reasons for this change is the need for more engaging work. As a manager, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. Finding ways to increase engagement among your team can reduce turnover for your company.

Implement these five tips to elevate employee engagement among your team members.

1. Connect Your Employees’ Work with What They Care About

Show each of your team members how their roles relate to the company’s mission. For instance, point out how their individual contributions make a difference in attaining the organization’s greater purpose. Also, show what the results of their efforts look like. Generating meaning and purpose can keep employees engaged in their work.

2. Make the Work More Enjoyable

Let your employees take on new work tasks in line with their interests. For instance, consider a job rotation program where your team members try many positions in a short period of time. Let them decide which one they like best and want to stay with. This provides motivation to stay with the organization.

3. Promote Autonomy

Give your employees as much autonomy as possible. For instance, encourage them to develop their ideas and perform as independently as possible while acting in line with company culture. Also, provide flexibility throughout the workday. The more freedom your employees have, the happier they should be. This can increase loyalty to the company.

4. Increase Your Employees’ Confidence

The more skilled your employees feel when completing tasks, the more likely they are to finish the tasks. This is why you may want to implement a mentorship program to promote professional learning and growth. Pairing your team members with seasoned professionals in your organization can help them blend with the culture, develop new skills, and network with coworkers. The more personally involved with the organization your employees are, the more likely they are to stay long-term.

5. Free Up Your Employees’ Time

Reward your employees for their results with paid time off and/or time-saving home services. Examples include house cleaning, errand running, or meal delivery. Freeing up time for other activities makes employees happier than money alone can. Also, having time to pursue personal interests is highly impactful for life satisfaction. Your employees likely will thank you through their ongoing top performance.

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