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Improve Communication Between Managers and Employees with These Tips

Communication is an effective tool that can have a significant impact on your team’s success. The more you maintain open communication with your employees, the more engaged and productive they should be. This typically leads to greater job satisfaction and employee retention.

Implement these six tips to promote communication between you and your employees.

1. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Interact with your employees in a positive manner. For instance, speak with them respectfully. Also, show empathy when your employees come to you with a problem. Additionally, make sure they leave your conversations feeling appreciated, confident, and inspired. This promotes a positive work environment that your employees want to return to each day.

2. Form Personal Relationships

Get to know your employees on a personal level. For instance, find out about their family members, interests, and what they like to do away from work. Also, show support when your employees discuss a problem they are dealing with at home. The more you express interest in your employees, the more engaged, productive, and loyal they will be.

3. Promote Transparency

Be as open and honest as possible when talking with your employees. For instance, let them know the most recent company news and how it may affect them. Even if the impact is not favorable, your employees need to know as much information as you can share so they can plan accordingly. This promotes credibility and trust among your team.

4. Encourage Accountability

Ask your employees to make sure everyone on the team, including you, follows through on what they say they will do. This may include having regular conversations about the progress made on the tasks each person is responsible for. It also could involve offering to help when someone needs it. Holding each other accountable promotes productivity, collaboration, and meeting deadlines.

5. Provide Employee Recognition

Show appreciation for your employees’ contributions and results. For instance, write a congratulatory note when an employee reaches a company milestone. Also, take time during a team meeting to acknowledge the completion of a large project. Additionally, point out how individual efforts helped reach a company goal. Plus, provide bonuses, raises, or promotions when appropriate. Showing your employees are valued and respected increases job satisfaction and employee retention.

6. Request Feedback

Ask your employees for input on both your team and organization. This may take the form of an engagement survey, individual or group discussions, or formal or informal meetings. Make sure you ask questions to gain additional information about what is going well, what can be improved, and specific ways to take action. Implement the best ideas when possible. This shows you care about your employees and want them happy.

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