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6 Ways to Shorten Your Interview Process

Job seekers have more opportunities available now than ever before. This is why you need to gather enough information in a short amount of time to hire the best candidate. Otherwise, your top candidate may go to work for a competitor. Fortunately, you can accomplish this objective in a few ways.

Implement these six tips to speed up your interview process and hire top talent.

1. Stay Proactive with Your Hiring Needs

Know as far in advance as possible when you may have a position open up. Then, begin hiring 1-2 months before you need the role filled. This should provide adequate time to find, hire, and train the most qualified candidate. Continue to reassess your hiring needs throughout the year as they are likely to change.

2. Define the Role  

Determine which skills, experience, duties, responsibilities, and other requirements are needed for the position. This may differ from the current job description as the role might have evolved since the last time you filled it. Be sure to update the job posting with a current job description, salary range, and benefits package. Have members of your hiring team look over the job posting before you share it publicly.

3. Conduct a Phone Screen

Organize a few behavioral questions to ask candidates over the phone. The questions may be about driving innovation, being productive, satisfying customers, or increasing the bottom line. Also, determine which soft skills you want to search for, such as personality, values, or work ethic. Use the answers to determine which candidates are a strong match with the skills needed to fill the role.

4. Include an In-Person Interview

Meet with the candidates who are qualified enough for an interview. Use each conversation to determine whether the candidate blends with company culture. Also, uncover each candidate’s motivation, desire to work for your company, and work style to see whether they would fit with your team.

5. Set Up an Interview Panel

Decide which candidates should have a group discussion with your hiring team. This lets your hiring team determine the types of contributions each candidate may make as an employee. Be sure to prepare interview questions in line with the job description and each candidate’s resume. Also, determine who the panel leader is and which role each interviewer has based on their job function and/or expertise. Additionally, write down the objectives to evaluate during each discussion. Plus, include a scorecard to facilitate debriefing after each interview.

6. Partner with a Staffing Agency

Work with a recruiter from a staffing agency that specializes in your industry. The recruiter has a vast network of vetted candidates who are ready to begin work in a short amount of time. You simply interview a few candidates to decide which one you want to hire. The recruiter negotiates a job offer on the candidate’s behalf and helps with onboarding.

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