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4 Best Practices for Temp-to-Hire Employers

As a manager, you may have one or more temp-to-hire workers on your team. This lets you evaluate their performance and fit with company culture before deciding whether to extend a permanent job offer. To maximize the effectiveness of this type of work arrangement, you should adhere to the following guidelines.  

Here are four best practices to follow when bringing temp-to-hire workers aboard. 

Treat Everyone as Part of the Team 

As with your employees, a temp-to-hire worker plays an important role in your organization. This is why they need to be treated like your other team members. For instance, introduce your temp-to-hire worker to the key team members and coworkers they will regularly interact with. Also, if the work is complex, assign a mentor the worker can turn to for assistance. Plus, schedule adequate onboarding, training, and check-in times to keep the worker engaged and productive.    

Clarify Your Expectations 

Let the temp-to-hire worker know exactly what their job responsibilities are and how they contribute to the company’s goals. Also, set your expectations for the quality and quantity of work completed. Plus, provide the training, resources, tools, and coaching needed for the worker to perform to the best of their ability.  

Remain Transparent About the Role 

Communicate as openly as possible about the potential for the temp-to-hire position to become permanent. For instance, let the worker know if an offer of full-time employment depends on the extension of a contract or whether the demand remains strong after the temporary period ends. Also, provide three to five key performance indicators (KPIs) that you will use to determine whether a permanent job offer should be extended. Plus, conduct periodic check-ins to ask and answer questions, provide constructive feedback, and offer specific ways to improve performance.  

Use a Niche Staffing Agency 

Find a temp-to-perm worker through a staffing agency that specializes in your industry. Working with a recruiter who has extensive knowledge of and experience in your field means they understand your biggest pain points and can help resolve them. The recruiter will engage in extensive conversations about your company, its culture, your business needs, job responsibilities, performance expectations, and other relevant issues. Then, they will send over several vetted candidates for you to interview. You decide which candidate to bring aboard on a temp-to-hire basis, then negotiate an offer through the recruiter.  

Source a Temp-to-Hire Worker 

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