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Resume Prep: Including Temporary Work on Your Resume

When you work temp jobs, it is important you include them on your resume. This lets you provide an accurate record of your work history so employers can see your skills, experience, and career development. Having a complete picture of your successes shows a hiring manager how you can build on your accomplishments to benefit their company. The odds of being contacted for an interview increase.

Follow these three tips to format your temporary roles on your resume.

1. Use a Reverse Chronological Format

If you had one or two temp jobs, list them as you would a full-time position. Begin with your most recent role and work backward. List the name of the staffing firm, its location, and the month and year of employment. Then, provide your title with the word “temp” and three to five bullet points of your main duties. If you had three or more temp jobs, group them together. List the staffing firm and a short explanation of the types of assignments you completed. Include several bullet points of the tasks you performed that demonstrate your qualifications. Show that you have the top skills listed in the job description. This should get your resume past the applicant tracking system (ATS) and into the hiring manager’s hands.

2. Emphasize Your Achievements

Along with your responsibilities, include one or two bullet points describing an accomplishment from each position. This shows your contributions provided a positive impact on the organization. Show how you can provide similar value for your next employer. Emphasize the fact that you can solve problems and make a difference within a short timeframe.

3. Include Quantifiable Data

Share numbers when describing your responsibilities and accomplishments. This may involve an increase in revenue, greater customer service, or lower costs. Or, it could be the number of people you supported, emails you replied to, or products you restocked. Make sure that what you list is relevant to the role you are applying for. The hiring manager needs to know how you can benefit the team and company.

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