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Retention: Tips For Workers to Be Successful in Their New Jobs

When starting a new job, your plan should be to stay long-term. This means you need to start engaging in the onboarding process long before Day 1. The more you learn about the company, your role, and your team, the more successful you are likely to be.

Implement these five tips to set a foundation for ongoing success in your new role.

1. Clarify Your Manager’s Expectations

Ask what your manager’s goals and standards are for your first 30, 60, and 90 days. This provides guidance for what to expect and how to prepare. Also, ask how your progress and success will be measured. You need to know which milestones to aim for and how you will know whether you reach your objectives. Plus, go over what time you should arrive at the office, what the dress code is, and where you should park. Understanding the basics helps relieve the stress and anxiety associated with a new job.

2. Discuss Your Need for Ongoing Feedback

Talk with your manager about providing regular feedback on your work performance. You need to know what you are doing well, what needs to improve, and specific ways you can do better. This ensures you and your manager are on the same page, which helps you feel confident and empowered.

3. Ask for an Onboarding Schedule

Find out which meetings, training, team activities, and other events are scheduled for your first few months. This helps you organize your time and know what to expect. You can look forward to getting to know coworkers through happy hour, trivia night, volunteer events, or other activities.

4. Share an Introduction Video

Begin building community with your teammates by creating a friendly two-minute video of yourself. You may want to include a slideshow with photos and fun facts. Or, you might provide answers to a get-to-know-you quiz. You control the impression you give by deciding what to share and how.

5. Request an Informal Team Gathering

Talk with your manager about gathering your team outside of the office so you can meet them. Getting to know others in a relaxed environment, such as a coffee shop or restaurant, encourages everyone to be their authentic selves. Meeting in person also helps create bonds that promote collaboration and cohesion at work.

Work with a Recruiter

When the time comes to find your next job, work with a recruiter from Staff Right Solutions. Follow this link to our job board.

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