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Benefits of Working with Staff Right Solutions

As a job seeker in New Jersey, are you including a staffing agency in your search? Working with a recruiter from Staff Right Solutions can get you the results you want in much less time than it takes to find a role on your own. We can match you with employers who fit your needs and interests and help reach your career goals.

Discover four advantages of including Staff Right Solutions in your job search.

1. Free Job Search Assistance

There is no cost for you to take advantage of a recruiter’s services. They can set up interviews with employers, help customize your resume, and coach you on the hiring manager and company. The recruiter also can provide feedback on why you did not land a role or negotiate job offers on your behalf.

2. Insider Information

A recruiter can help you better understand the job market, their clients, and what an employer is looking for. You can ask questions about jobs related to your skills and qualifications, how often the recruiter places candidates in a certain role, and what to expect in terms of salary and benefits. This insight can help you make more informed decisions about which roles to apply for and what to expect from the recruitment process.

3. Access to the Hidden Market

Working with a recruiter means you may learn about unadvertised jobs. Because many employers rely on recruiters to find candidates, these vacancies are not shared with the general public. As a result, you face less competition when applying.

4. Greater Odds of Landing a Position

Because the client company pays the staffing agency when a candidate is hired, it is in the recruiter’s best interest to match you with opportunities that fit your skills, experience, and qualifications. The recruiter also is encouraged to promote your background and fit with company culture when talking with a hiring manager so they decide to interview you. Plus, because the recruiter gets paid a percentage of your salary, they are motivated to negotiate the best deal on your behalf. These factors work in your favor for landing a role.

Why Choose Us

As an innovative staffing service provider, we pride ourselves on exceeding the parameters of traditional staffing agencies. We are serious about placing motivated workers in temporary roles that may lead to permanent employment. Part of accomplishing this goal includes having our employees meet or exceed production and performance goals. For this reason, we expect proper work attire, on-time attendance, appropriate conduct, and adherence to employee safety and worker guidelines at all times. Rather than providing our workers with temporary jobs, we want to help them move forward in their career paths.

Join Our Team

Advance your accounting, bookkeeping, or light industrial career with help from Staff Right Solutions. Visit our job board today.

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